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    Mbappe: The Future of Football

    When heard about Mbappe's record from social media, I thought he was close to 30 years old, but later I am so surprised to know he was born in 1998, and now he is only 25 years old! TALENT and YOUNG are definitely his advantages. It’s time to step in the world of Mbappe. Let’s get started!

    ♥ Mbappe's Childhood

    ‘The future of football’,‘little Neymar’, French star Kylian Mbappe has the most popular keywords in the media.

    Mbappe grew up in Bundi, which is seen as a " non-white groups, social unrest, breeding ground for violence and terrorism." That’s why Mbappe is described as a fairy tale of second-generation immigrant. Mbappe's father was a local soccer coach in Bundi and his mother was a handball player. Influenced by his parents and the lack of other activities in the city, Mbappe spent the most time playing football on the field. What’s more, treat famous football star Ronaldo as his idol! We can see from this photo the childhood Mbappe's admiration for Ronaldo. His bedroom was plastered with Ronaldo posters. Here is an anecdote of little Mbappe. The owner of the club that employs Mbappe's father recalls that Mbappe "sat on the floor of the players' locker room before he could walk, clutching the ball and listening to 'tactical meetings he couldn't understand at all'".

    ♥ Mbappe's Shinning Career

    ♠ PSG

    On 31 August 2017, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) announced the signing of Mbappé from Monaco on loan with a mandatory purchase option of €180 million.The €180 million fee made Mbappé the most expensive teenager ever and the second-most-expensive player ever (behind teammate Neymar)

    ♠ First Debut - scoring in a 5-1 win over Metz at the age of 18.

    ♠ Breaking a record PSG had set the previous season - On 19 January 2019, Mbappé was one of two players (the other being Cavani) to score a hat-trick in a 9–0 win over Guingamp.

    ♠ Became the youngest player(at the age of 20 years and 306 days) ever to score at least 15 goals in the competition - On 22 October,2019, he scored a perfect hat-trick in a 5–0 away win over Belgian side Club Brugge in the Champions League; 

    ♠ Ligue 1 Player of the Year - By kicking 27 goals in Ligue 1 2021.

    ♠Champions League Top Scorer with 8 Goals - Won the 2024 Coupe de France, last title before leaving PSG.

    ♥ France National Football Team

    2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Champion - At the age of 19, Mbappe won the individual World Cup Rookie of the Year award and being named to the FIFA Team of the Year.

    ♠ 2020-21 season - UEFA Nations League Champion

    ♠ 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar - Honored with the World Cup Golden Boot and Silver Ball awards. 

    ♠ In March 2023, Mbappe became captain of the France team.

    ♠ Transfer to Real Madrid

    After winning the French League Cup final against Lyon on 26 May 2024 in PSG, Mbappe is confirmed to be leaving PSG at the end of the season. On 3 June(UST+8), La Liga giants Real Madrid announced that Mbappe will officially join the club after his contract with Ligue 1 side PSG expires on 30 June.

    Mbappe was thrilled to announce this breaking news to Real Madrid on Instagram as follows.


    Brief Introduction of Mbappe's Skills

    Mbappe also has the advantage of high speed. There is no fancy underfoot movement, but Mbappe has a terrifying combination of man and ball, and can make dazzling touchline breakthroughs when advancing at high speed, bringing the flexibility of black players to the extreme.

    ♠ Mbappe Shocked the Whole Football World

    ♥ Former France international Dugarry said: "Mbappe's performance for the national team reminds me of 19-year-old Ronaldo, it's exactly the same."

    ♥ Another former France international, Govoy, is blowing Mbappe to unprecedented heights: "In my opinion, only Henry and Zidane are stronger than him." I remember when Benzema and Ben-Arfa came out, they were both geniuses and I prefer a striker like Mbappe, quick and talented."

    ♥ English sports commentator Rio Ferdinand picked Mbappe as the best out of the trio between him, Haaland and Kane. He claimed Mbappe 'has something different' over Haaland and Kane.I would pay every day to watch him train let alone play in a match,' he told TNT Sports.’
    'I can give him the ball at left-back and he might score, can give him the ball anywhere on the pitch and he could create something, the other two not so much.

    ♥“It's as if he was born to be where he is today,’ says Arsene Wenger, the former Arsenal manager and dean of French soccer coaches.

    ♠ Conclusion

    Mbappe was born in 1998, a year in which the World Cup winners also happened to be France. And now, 25 years later, he has indeed become a world-famous soccer star.

    Mbappe is not only a footballer, he is also a good citizen who is actively involved in charity. He has set up his own foundation dedicated to helping those in need. He contributes positively to society through his influence and popularity.

    Not coming from a wealthy background, Mbappe has became a world-class player through his hard work and struggle, and his success story inspires the younger generation. Only if you still have a dream, go ahead and strive for it!