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    World Cup Jerseys 2022

    Keywords: World Cup jerseys 2022

    The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar will kick off on November 20, 2022. This big event, which happens every four years, is of course thrilling for everyone on the field, but it is also the time when all the kit manufacturers, ranging from the mainstream powerhouses to the smaller outfits, bring out the World Cup Jerseys 2022 for the 32 teams with new designs.

    All the World Cup Jerseys 2022 have been unveiled or released. When November rolls around and the World Cup kicks off, which one of these World Cup Jerseys 2022 will you be wearing with pride? And which one will you be wearing because it looks really cool? Let's take a compact look at all the World Cup Jerseys 2022.

    1. Qatar

    The hosts have a simple, clean overall look. The home shirt is mainly in maroon with the detailing of the Qatar flag pattern on the sleeve cuffs.The away shirt has a golden swirling geometric pattern. 

    2. Ecuador


    Ecuador’s home jersey is in bright yellow, with a geometric texture throughout and trim in navy and red. The away is mainly in dark navy blue, featuring a gorgeous geometric tonal pattern and silver badge and maker’s mark. Both shirts have a small Ecuadorian tricolor flag emblem on the sleeves.

    3. Senegal

    Senegal’s home shirt is mainly in white with the bold chevron on the chest. The bright green, yellow and red from the flag as trim on the sleeves and collar look terrific. The away is very distinctive and the green is lovely. It features the national flag, team crest, a “Lions” wordmark, and large “SEN” tonal letters. 

    4. Netherlands

    The home shirt is mainly in traditional orange and looks kind of velvety? Not the usual bright orange, which will upset some. The away is in dark blue with black and red/orange trim.

    5. USA

    USA World Cup jerseys 2022.png

    The all-white home jersey features navy blue around the neck area and both red and blue on the sleeves, while the away jersey is a lighter blue shade with an almost cloud-like design. Both uniforms feature the Nike swoosh on both sleeves as the sportswear company has aimed to give a nod to another American sports with the jersey. The swooshes on both sleeves are similar to what we see with American football jerseys. 

    6. Wales

    Wale’s first foray back into the World Cup since 1958 will be in a sharp red top. Their outstanding dragon crest adorns a nearly all red and white shirt, with a tonal zig-zag texture throughout and thin green and white trim on the collar. The away top is mainly in white with red and green detailing, including an interesting collar pattern than is replicated as the side panels come up the back behind the sleeves.

    7. England

    The England 2022 home shirt combines England's traditional white main color with sky blue & navy - "White/Blue Fury/Blue Void". It is a color combo that evokes memories of the late 1990s. The away jersey is red, combined with navy and light blue for logos and design elements. It is the first mainly red England away shirt since the 2018 World Cup.

    8. Iran

    The Iran home jersey is white with a wavy graphic appearing across the chest in red and green, with a subtle pattern visible above it. Based on the same template, the Majid Iran 2022 away shirt is red with the graphic in white and green.

    9. Mexico


    Mexico home shirt is mainly in their traditional green. The design features red trim on the collar and shoulder stripes, and a dark geometric pattern on the upper body and sleeves evocative of Aztec art. This design also debuts the new Mexico national team crest. Mexico’s away top is primarily white and red, with an Aztec-inspired design throughout. This is a lovely away kit and will become a classic. 

    10. Argentina

    Argentina home kit is classic. You can’t really mess up the blue and white stripes. It’s trimmed with black details on the collar, sleeve cuffs, adidas logo and numbering. The back features a clever full body center stripe that is a vertically hung national flag, with the “Sun of May” emblem applied at the rear neck. Again, another lovely away kit. The purple is perfect and this just looks slick and silky. Much like Lionel Messi’s footwork.

    11. Poland

    They are absolutely beautiful. The away shirt is majestic and the home shirt is classic but with some intriguing detail on the sleeves. Although nothing spectacular, this is a very classy set.

    12. Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia has released a very sharp set. They could have gone with the plain white for the home and plain green for the away, but the snazzy designs work. Especially for the away kit with a jagged design.

    13. France

    The home and away kits are both lovely and the colors just work together. The home shirt combines a navy base with metallic gold for logos. The standout feature is the collar, which comes with a subtle button at the front. The away is a bit more gaudy, white with a tonal print featuring various French architecture and other scenes, it almost looks like fancy wallpaper.

    14. Denmark

    Denmark's home shirt is red with tonal brand and federation logos on the chest, 

    and featuring a stripe graphic on the sleeves and upper sides, inspired by the 1992 shirt. Featuring the same design and details, the away jersey is white with tonal logos and prints.

    15. Australia

    The same velvety style as the Netherlands home shirt on Australia’s home shirt. Just doesn’t work. The away kit is also just very bland.

    16. Tunisia

    The Tunisia 2022 home kit honors the traditional red of the Tunisian flag. The front and back sides of the jersey integrate an interpretation of Arabic calligraphy via a tonal effect. The pattern pays homage to the culture of the country. The flag of Tunisia is placed on the nape of the shirt. The away kit uses the same design as the home jersey in white with red details at the neckline, sleeve cuffs and underarms.

    17. Germany


    Germany’s traditional white home strip is back, but with a larger serving of black than usual-in the form of a wide center stripe down the front. The German flag colors trim the collar, with the gold Adidas and DFB logos centered on the stripe. The away is a sharper design, with the standard badge placement over the heart and a dark red geometric pattern evocative of the DFB federation logo throughout the top.

    18. Spain

    Spain’s home kit looks bland and the away kit is much more distinctive. A bold wavy design goes down the body of the shirt in light blue, set off with a red and gold centered badge and red/gold Adidas shoulder stripes.

    19. Costa Rica

    The Ticos have unveiled a very simple set, the home in red with blue and white trim, and the away the exact reverse.

    20. Japan

    Japan’s home kit is inspired by anime and the design is bold and recognizable. The away kit is fantastic too, especially the long-sleeved version. In overall, Japan has one of the strongest home/away sets for 2022.

    21. Canada

    They’ll be wearing the same off-the-rack red and white shirts they’ve had for the last year or so, much to the disappointment of Canadian fans.

    22. Belgium

    Belgium World Cup jerseys 2022.jpg

    The Belgium home shirt is mainly red with black logos and trim, and featuring a fire graphic on the sleeves. An outstanding design, the away kit is white with multicolor detailing, including Adidas and federation logos with a pattern applied to them.

    23. Morocco

    Morocco’s 2022 home is an adaptation of their 1998 design. This time though, it’s a bit simplified as the chest stripe does not continue down onto the sleeves, and it’s got a standard v-neck collar instead of the polo on the original. The away is a bit plain, but like the collar and sleeve trims and the circular pattern around the middle is very cool.

    24. Croatia

    The Croatia 2022 home shirt brings an unusual interpretation of the iconic red and white checkers. Nike combine the two main colors with 'Battle Blue' for applications. The away has a typical color combo for Croatia's away shirts - it combines a dark navy base with light blue graphic elements and red logos. The away kit is majestic.

    25. Switzerland

    The Switzerland home shirt is in the familiar primary red of the now regular tournament qualifier. It features a new PUMA v-neck design with thin white stripes across its shoulders and upper chest. The Swiss flag and FA crest are embroidered on the chest with a PUMA logo in between them. “Suisse” is placed on the outside upper back. Switzerland’s away is in the running for silliest shirt of the tournament, as Puma has them wearing what looks like a giant “Hi, My Name is” tag front and center. Grey lines of graduating thickness create a gradient effect behind the aforementioned name tag.

    26. Brazil

    Brazil World Cup jerseys 2022.png

    Home kit looks like a classic and the away shirt is pretty decent too but some fantastic details. Both tops feature a jaguar spot pattern-the home in a subtle way throughout the entire canary yellow shirt, the away in more flamboyant fashion on just the sleeves.

    27. Serbia

    Serbia’s home top is dark red with gold trim, with a tonal cross pattern throughout the shirt. Lovely gold in the design and makes the white away kit pop a little.

    28. Cameroon

    Cameroon 2022 World Cup football shirt is predominantly green with what appears to be a tonal diagonal / chevron stripe pattern.The Lion logo once again sits on the left chest of the One All Sports Cameroon 2022 home shirt, while the federation badge should appear on the right, withe One All Sports centered.

    29. Portugal

    The home kit is unique enough but still sticks to Portugal’s bold colors, while the away kit is a classic too. The away is white with a green and red central chest stripe, roughly mimicking the color ratio from the national flag. 

    30. South Korea

    The South Korea 2022 home shirt is predominantly bright red with black trim in the form of the collar, the logos on the front as well as small triangles on the lower sides. Predominantly black, the away features a multicolor graphic across the front, back and sleeves.

    31. Ghana

    Ghana home shirt has a simple yet bold look. A massive black star is front and center on the white top, with the national flag colors on the sleeve cuffs. A squared-off collar with a small yellow insert completes the look. The away is in bright red, and Puma’s weird frame template design almost works on this one. This shirt has plenty of personality.

    32. Uruguay

    Uruguay home shirt is in their signature blue, with simple white sleeve cuffs and a v-neck, single button collar. The Puma Uruguay 2022 World Cup away football shirt has a white base with a box element in the centre, which is light blue in this case. Blue is also found on the cuffs and colour, and their are five faint blue stripes running down the centre of the Puma Uruguay 2022 World Cup away jersey.

    With the 2022 FIFA World Cup set to kick off in Qatar in exactly two months, just about every nation participating has released new national team kits. Are you ready for this big event with your World Cup Jerseys 2022? Soccerdealshop has a large selection of World Cup Jerseys 2022 for each team. Get your team jersey here to be rocking the kits at the stadium. 

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