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Cash Coupon

What is Cash Coupon? 


Cash coupon is the special exchange currency of the SOCCER DEAL SHOP website.

1 cash coupon =$1

It can be applied to all items that can be purchased on the website.

How to get Cash Coupon?

1. Order return:

Successful payment will reward up to 1%-3% cash coupons.

2. Invite friends

You can also get more cash coupons by recommending the website them to your friends.

For details, please click on : Invite Friends & Earn $$$  

3. Leave a review

When the order status is completed, clicking "write a review" will reward you with a $5 cash coupon. 

 Tip:   Log in first My Account > All Orders(Status:Completed> Click 'order review'

4. Shoot a review video

Make a video that is over 1 minute and 30 seconds, upload the video to Youtube  (the video review order actual payment amount must be more than $25)


When you finish the video, Get $20.00 SD Cash /Send 10 PayPal to your account. (You can choose one. If you do not contact us to send PayPal, cash coupon will be selected by default )

When it has 50 views, you will get $4.00 SD Cash. 

Over 500 views , we will give you an addition $4.00 SD cash .


Tip: Login >My Account >All Order(Status:Completed)> Click 'video review'


5. Share on Reddit

Earn cash by sharing your orders review on reddit social media. You will receive $5 SD cash for each order.

(After the sharing is completed, contact the customer service to receive the cash coupon)

Community needs to be related to football/jerseys group (member over 1000)

6. Others

Sending SD Cash to you is our preferred way to deal with any problems with your order so that you can use them in your next purchase.

How to use Cash Coupon?

If you have SD cash in your account, then you can see it on the payment page,if you want to use the cash you have, you can select it to pay first, and then pay the remaining amount by any other method you want.